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IoT has turned out to be the spinal cord of digital transformation and is at the core of it. As things become smarter and connected, the quest to derive something meaningful for organization’s benefit is increasing like anything. Especially in manufacturing industry, where automation of core and supplementary processes has been there for decades, the challenge and demand to go to the next level of digitalization is huge. While manufacturing organizations have problems to be solved to bring in operational efficiency, whether it will be success or failure through Internet-of-Things is the question that haunts the CXOs. The industry is often seen looking out for tech partners who could explore the challenges and solutions as an extended team and realize proof of concepts to validate the outcomes.

Technohertz has been working closely with manufacturing organizations to harness the power of IoT to add value to their internal teams and end customers. Small steps lead to big changes and same goes with IoT. As IoT solutions cannot be deployed out of the box, attempting to go large scale in first attempt can be disastrous. Technohertz very well understand such a risk and hence we always address any IoT problem by starting small and by validating the success from the perspective of our client organization’s business. For IoT solution development, Technohertz offers end-to-end services - right from solution consulting, sensor / hardware selection to end user application consumption. Take a look at the IoT Rainbow analysis we do to address the IoT solution design and development.


These are the endpoints or sensors which are the ultimate source of data and are deployed at different locations and conditions depending upon requirement. Things could be either self-powered (with in-built battery) or may require external power source depending upon make-model of the brand. Similarly, things could also have the ability to connect wirelessly while there could be others requiring wired connectivity. As semiconductor technology is evolving at a fast pace, the things are becoming much smarter and compact in form factors. Technohertz help clients in identification and selection of right endpoints to solve the IoT problem. Also we help in sourcing the same from our network of partners.


Network is the core of IoT – no network no IoT. While Things may not be capable enough to connect directly to the internet, introduction of suitable Gateway solves the problem. On the other side, there are telecom companies globally who are rolling out networks specifically for IoT endpoints. Technohertz has the capability to integrate endpoints using multiple connectivity protocols like Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Long Ranged Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), RFID and others.

Global Infra

Once the endpoints are connected, the data they transmit has to be stored and organized somewhere – public / private cloud or On-Premise server. At Technohertz, we help our client organizations with cloud engineering for IoT solution right from setting up the cloud, deployment to maintenance.

Data Ingestion

Data can be streamed in real time or ingested in batches depending upon the business need. The process of absorbing the data into the cloud or server database is referred to as data ingestion. Technohertz has been working on multiple database technologies to ingest data from the end points into the cloud for further processing.

Data Analysis

Once the data becomes available into the cloud / server, the next step is to analyse the data based on the business rules, derive insights and make it available to the end user applications in the form of alerts, notifications, dashboard, reports etc. as may be required. Technohertz has the capability to perform data analysis, from small to big data, as per the business requirements and make it available for consumption.


End user applications are the ultimate consumption ends of the data from sensors. Technohertz has expertise to develop such applications with rich user experience design for mobile and web platforms.

People and Process

Every organization has access rules in place based on which the team members are allowed / not allowed to access applications or part of applications. Technohertz help client organizations in incorporating their rules and processes into the applications by integrating with their authorization and authentication mechanisms.

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